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Insurance Research Services

ALIRT Research has a suite of products and services to meet the due diligence, marketing, and analytical needs of its diverse client base.

At the heart of each of its services is ALIRT’s unique approach to understanding and documenting the on-going relative financial performance of life, property & casualty, and health insurers in an easily understandable manner.

Our Core Services

The AnaLysis of Insurer Risk Trends (ALIRT) Service

The ALIRT Service, designed for Insurance Distributors, Institutional Buyers, Asset Managers, and Advisors, quantitatively assesses the financial condition of life, property & casualty, and health/managed care companies, alerting clients to the development of positive and negative trends impacting the financial performance of individual insurers relative to their peers and broad insurance benchmarks.

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The Comparative Performance Measures Service (CPM)

The CPM Service, designed for Insurers, is used by Boards of Directors, management, and marketing and investor relations personnel within insurance companies. The CPM Service promotes an understanding of what institutional clients and distributors may be thinking about your company’s relative financial performance.

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95-1 Termination Annuity and DC Plan Issuer Analysis

This service, designed for Pension Plan Fiduciaries and/or Pension Consultants, provides a thorough and impartial financial analysis of insurers bidding to take over retirement plan benefits and insurers offering fixed and variable annuity options within defined contribution (DC) retirement plans.

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BOLI Service

The BOLI Service, designed for BOLI Brokers and the Banks or Credit Unions they serve, models the on-going financial trends and condition of life insurers underwriting BOLI policies. This service is intended to meet the 939A requirements of the Dodd Frank Bill.

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Lloyd’s of London Service

Lloyd’s of London represents an important global center for reinsurance and specialty property & casualty coverages. The financial profiles of individual Lloyd’s syndicates, however, often remain difficult to ascertain for brokers and their corporate clients, who instead must default to public credit ratings for the broad Lloyd’s market.

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For clients requiring a bit more focus on their core companies, ALIRT has developed an infographical portrayal of the ALIRT quantitative scoring methodology, including a written synopsis of the financial results and ALIRT model trends, warning flags and comps to the industry and peers.

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Executive Reports

Executive Reports, designed for insurance Distributors and Institutional Buyers, are in-depth studies of an individual insurer’s overall business strategy and financial position. These ad hoc reports, which range from 20-30 pages, are designed for any interested party that needs to more thoroughly document the current financial and strategic standing of an insurance company partner.

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Offshore Research Reports

ALIRT Offshore Research Reports provide an in-depth review of Bermuda and Cayman Island-based insurers providing life and annuity/investment products to non-U.S. citizens.

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