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Risk Managers

Monitor strategic, reputational, operational, credit, and compliance risks.  Augment procedures and policies for FDIC, OCC, SEC 204-2(a) 24, and FINRA guidelines for due diligence and ongoing monitoring of third-party insurance company relationships from reinsurance to D&O, from loans to counterparties.

Risk Managers

Today, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is viewed as a requirement in assessing risk throughout a corporate organization. As part of this process, the issue of adequate insurance protection has risen to the forefront of corporate risk management and Board of Directors attention.

Insurance programs, however, are only as good as the financial strength of the carriers that issue the policy contracts. Our ALIRT Service is designed to provide corporate risk managers – and the organizations they serve – with a quantitative and qualitative approach to modeling and documenting both broad and specific insurance risks.

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