A.M. Best Negative Rating Actions 2023 – 1Q2024

It is now common knowledge that calendar year 2023 was a difficult one for property insurers, whether those focused on personal lines (homeowners and auto physical damage) or commercial lines (fire and/or commercial multi-peril) coverages.  The inflation overhang from a spike in costs across the economy starting in 2021, combined with an extension of large weather-related losses across a broader swath of the U.S. and a hardening of reinsurance rates/lack of reinsurance capacity, led to outsized underwriting and operating losses for a growing number of insurers exposed to property risks.  Especially hard hit were single-state and regional insurers with less geographical and line-of-business diversification.

ALIRT Research – State of the Underwriting Cycle as of 9M2023 Financial Filings

State of the Underwriting Cycle:  The Firming/Hard Market Celebrates 6 Years In our 30+ years of studying the U.S. P&C insurance market we have frankly never experienced a hard pricing cycle quite like the current one.  As shown on page 9, we are now in the 24th consecutive quarter of firming/hard pricing.  That’s six years […]