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Offshore Service – P&C

The ALIRT Offshore Service – P&C, designed for insurance Distributors and Risk Managers, consists of the following options:

  • L-ALIRT: Individual Lloyd’s Syndicate Analyses
  • B-ALIRT: Individual Bermuda Class 4 and 3B Analyses

Each of these services includes the following:

  • In-depth introduction detailing the history and unique operating characteristics of each offshore market,
  • Summary lists of each syndicate/insurer along with relevant ALIRT scores,
  • “Executive Summaries” for each Lloyd’s Syndicate or relevant Bermuda Insurer; these 2-page summaries include:
    • A graphic trend of each syndicate/insurer’s score relative to an industry benchmark
    • Additional information concerning various core balance sheet and income statement metrics.
  • Development of additional customized screens for client’s proprietary use,
  • Access to ALIRT Research staff for credit committee conference calls, informational requests, special projects, etc.

To learn more about how the ALIRT service can help you better understand and document the relative financial risks and exposures of insurance companies in key offshore markets, please contact us at