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Offshore Reports – Life/Annuity

The ALIRT Life/Annuity Report provides an in-depth review of Bermuda and Cayman Island-based insurers providing life and annuity/investment products to non-U.S. citizens.

These individual reports, which range from 20-30 pages, are designed for insurance Distributors and Wealth Managers that need to thoroughly document the current financial and strategic standing of these offshore insurers.

The Offshore Life/Annuity Reports include the following:

  • In-person interview with insurer management and domicile regulators,
  • Detailed write-up on the insurer’s ownership structure, management team, operational and marketing strategies, and capitalization,
  • Display of key balance sheet and income statement financial metrics, including historical trends,
  • Discussion of each domicile’s regulatory structure, legislative foundation, and carrier oversight,
  • Full access to ALIRT Research staff for discussion of the report results.

To learn more about how ALIRT’s Offshore Life/Annuity Reports can help you understand and document the financial profile of key offshore insurance partners, please contact us at