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Insurer Marketing Reports (IMR)

Insurer Marketing Reports, designed for the marketing departments of insurance companies, are an arms-length presentation of an insurer’s financial position, utilizing in part ALIRT’s unique scoring system.

ALIRT’s IMR help insurers promote an objective view of their operating subsidiaries from a nationally-recognized, independent source of insurer analytics.

The IMR consists of a 1-Page Analysis, which is designed for release to producer channels and insurance buyers, includes the following:

  • Pictorial presentation of a company’s 5-Year ALIRT Score history relative to the industry benchmark and peer companies,
  • An overview ​of the insurer’s history, parent, and industry position,
  • A discussion of the ALIRT analysis factors, highlighting the company’s relative strengths and weaknesses.

To learn more about how ALIRT’s Insurance Marketing Reports can support your marketing efforts to prospective distribution clients and insureds, please contact us at