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The ALIRT Equity Analyst Service

The ALIRT Equity Analyst Service, designed for buy-side Equity Analysts, models the financial performance of life, property & casualty, and health/managed care insurer subsidiaries of publicly-traded holding companies. By focusing primarily on the financials of an insurance group’s statutory units, this service offers equity analysts a more granular view of the publicly-traded parent’s GAAP results.

The ALIRT Equity Analyst Service consists of quarterly customized reports which include the following:

  • A “Road Map” which lists current and past ALIRT Scores of the major subsidiaries of all U.S. publicly-traded insurance holding companies,
  • Two-page ALIRT Analyses on each of these statutory insurance units,
  • 5-Year Trend Pages for each peer company, providing more detailed analytics.
  • ALIRT Scores, Flags, and Ratings summary screens,
  • Two-page point-of sale "Tear Sheet" or "Executive Summary" with graphical representations of ALIRT Scores and key financial metrics,
  • Full access to the ALIRT Research staff for research support,
  • Quarterly macros financial reviews of the relevant industry,
  • Ad hoc white papers discussing topics of interest to the relevant industry.

All elements of the ALIRT Equity Analyst Service are easily accessible via ALIRT's web portal.

To learn more about how the ALIRT Equity Analyst Service can help you delve deeper into the financial profiles of current or prospective insurance company investments, please contact us at