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BOLI Service

The BOLI Service, designed for BOLI Brokers and the Banks or Credit Unions they serve, models the on-going financial trends and condition of life insurers underwriting BOLI policies. This service is intended to meet the 939A requirements of the Dodd Frank Bill.

The BOLI Service consists of quarterly customized reports on a bank’s universe of BOLI insurance carriers and includes the following:

  • Two-page ALIRT Analyses on all BOLI insurer exposures,
  • 5-Year Trend Pages for each peer company, providing more detailed analytics,
  • In-Depth Executive Summaries on each BOLI carrier,
  • Full access to ALIRT Research staff for additional analytical insight on BOLI carriers and the macro U.S. life insurance environment,
  • Quarterly macros financial reviews of the life insurance industry,
  • Ad hoc white papers discussing topics of interest to the life insurance industry.

All elements of the BOLI Service are easily accessible via ALIRT's web portal.

To learn more about how the BOLI Service can help you better understand, track and document the relative financial risks and exposures of your BOLI insurer partners, please contact us at