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ALIRT Research has a suite of products and services to meet the due diligence, marketing, and analytical needs of its diverse client base. At the heart of each of its services is ALIRT’s unique approach to understanding and documenting the on-going relative financial performance of life, property & casualty, and health insurers in an easily understandable manner.

ALIRT’s services and products include the following:

  • ALIRT Service
  • ALIRT Equity Analyst Service
  • CPM Service
  • Insurer Marketing Reports (IMR)
  • 95-1 Termination Annuity Issuer Analysis
  • DC Plan Issuer Analysis
  • BOLI Service
  • Executive Reports
  • Service – P&C
  • Offshore Life/Annuity Report

Each of these services is available in hard copy and/or through ALIRT’s client portal for ease of access. If you would like additional information about any of ALIRT’s products and services, please contact us at