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A natural corollary to ALIRT’s work for distributors, institutional buyers, and analysts is competitive intelligence research for insurance companies themselves, delivered through our CPM Service. The same quantitative approach is applied to construct an in-depth comparative look at an insurer’s financial, operational, and investment performance relative to both its peers and the industry composite, whether in the life, property & casualty, or health insurance sectors.​

Knowing where your company ranks across a wide range of operational metrics can aid in “self awareness” at the board and/or executive management level. It can also help companies more effectively interact with analysts, investors, creditors, rating agencies, auditors, regulators, distributors and customers.

In additional to its internal benchmarking service for insurers, ALIRT also offers a specific marketing tool, called an Insurer Marketing Report (IMR) which provides an insurer client with an independent, distributable review of its ALIRT analysis results versus key industry benchmarks.

To learn more about how ALIRT can help you and your clients increase gain a greater understanding of your company’s relative financial performance, please contact us at