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What We Do

ALIRT Research models and analyzes the relative financial performance trends of insurance companies across three industry sectors: Life/Annuity, Property & Casualty, and Health/Employee Benefits.

How We Do It

Every quarter, ALIRT collects publicly-available financial and market information/news on over 2,000 insurance companies. This financial data is run through proprietary models which result in an in-depth ALIRT Analysis for each carrier. This Analysis – which generates a unique ALIRT Score – allows clients to make critical decisions about their insurance partners.

The individual ALIRT Analyses are embedded within customized reports and actively supported by ALIRT’s analytical staff. Learn more about ALIRT’s Services.

Why We Do It

Traditionally, there were two principal ways that an interested party tracked the financial strength of insurance companies:

  1. In-House Research: Doing one’s own homework on insurance company financials is an optimal solution. However, many organizations lack the know-how, time, and funding to do this effectively.
  2. Reliance on Public Ratings: Reliance on ratings has long been a way to track insurer financials without devoting a lot of time and effort. This strategy has several short-comings, however, including:
    1. Broad rating categories provide only a general sense of an insurer’s financial stability and are not regularly updated,
    2. Ratings largely reflect the implied support of an insurer’s parent organization,
    3. Rating agencies are not designed to provide “hands-on” support to their subscribers.

ALIRT’s model overcomes the challenges of both options and in so doing, provides its clients with the best possible due diligence on their insurance carrier counterparties. Learn more about The ALIRT Way.